10 awesome tips and hidden features for Android 5.0 Lollipop users

Lollipop (v5.0) is a major update to the mobile operating system, Android, from Google, which was initially launched with Nexus 6 and 9. The upgrade is now being made available to other Android phones to enhance their usability with numerous new features added to it.
Among many new features added to the latest version of the OS, some can be located pretty easily, while others can only be accessed by an advanced user. However, in order to help you make the most of your device with this operating system, a list of hidden features and tips is compiled, as below:

1 Lollipop Easter Egg: With every Android version, Google includes a new Easter Egg, which for this version, is the Flappy Bird Clone. To access the egg, navigate to ‘Settings–> About Phone‘ and tap ‘Android Version‘ repeatedly, until the lollipop shows up. Tap and hold on the lollipop to begin the game and enjoy playing it.

2 Quick Settings Access: Sometimes, going the long way to access settings frustrates the user, where the shortest way till now was through the notification shade. However, Android Lollipop has been loaded with a still quicker way of accessing the settings panel. To access quick settings, you need to use 2 fingers to swipe down, instead of a single finger swipe for the notification area. A search button has also been added to the Settings panel, to help you search for and find a desired option quickly.

3 Create Multiple User Profiles: Ever wished to create a different profile for your friends or kids around, on your phone, to prevent access to your sensitive data? If yes, this version offers you a chance to realise this feature with ‘users’ option in settings. In order to view users, you need to tap on your profile picture, on the top-right corner, after pulling down the notification area. Here, you will see your main profile along with a guest profile, included by default. You can add more users and provide restricted access as well as make other settings for them, by going to ‘Settings–> Users‘.

4 Screen Pinning: If creating user profiles doesn’t offer you the required level of security, you can add more to it by pinning your display with an app. Turn this feature on from ‘Settings–> Security–> Screen Pinning‘. Now, to pin an app, tap the ‘Overview‘(recent apps or multitasking) button, where you will get the list of recent apps along with a green pin at the bottom-right of those that can be pinned. Tap on the ‘pin’ icon to proceed, which can be unpinned by long pressing Overview and Back buttons together. You can also specify the need to input a password, pattern or PIN to unpin the app, in order to add more security.

5 Smart Lock: The newly added Smart Lock feature is truly smart and unlocks the device automatically when you move to a trusted environment. It allows the bypass of lock security when the device connects to a specified NFC or Bluetooth accessory, set as a ‘trusted device’ or at a location, set as ‘trusted location’, like your home. To access this feature, navigate to ‘Settings–> Security–> Smart Lock‘.

6 Save Battery Life: Battery monitor is an outdated feature that allows you keep an eye on juice-hungry apps and turn them OFF manually to save some power. The new version comes with the ‘Battery Saver‘ that can be accessed by tapping on the 3-vertical dots on the top-right of the Battery screen. The setting can be turned ON at a critical level of 5% or !5% battery remaining, on reaching which, it stops background data, limits performance and kills unnecessary vibrations. The feature works smartly and automatically turns OFF when a charger is plugged in.

7 Manage Notifications: Similar to the DND mode of iOS 8, Android Lollipop is loaded with the priority mode, allowing you to control the appearance of notifications. This mode can be toggled ON/OFF through Settings–> Sounds & notification–> Interruptions. With this, you can hide/show notifications from a particular list of apps, contacts and add security over access to the same, to secure any sensitive information.

8 Inbuilt Flashlight Function: In order to use the camera flash as a torch, users had to install a 3rd party app on their device, but the latest version offers an inbuilt function to control the same. To access this, you need to swipe down for the notification area by using 2 fingers, bypassing the need of any extra app on your phone.

9 Tap to Wake: Another helpful feature that avoids the need to press the power button to wake up the phone’s display, which can be done by tapping twice on the screen.

10 Tap & Go: If you are going to change your Android device in the future, the Tap & Go feature will be handy for migrating all your data to the new device. With a simple tap, you can transfer all your device’s data, including apps’ data as well via Bluetooth, while pairing both through NFC.

Thus, with an access to such features, the lollipop version will really enhance your experience of using an Android device, allowing you to perform your tasks quicker and easier.