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Android 5.0 problems and solutions

Whenever a new version of Android OS is released, users experience a host of new features, accompanied by some issues, with the latest variant Lollipop not an exception. Although Google made various improvements this time, but couldn’t achieve the mythical zero defect system. As the version rolls out to more and more devices, new problems are being revealed with time. However, some of the major issues encountered by users, after updating are discussed below, with some tips to get rid of them.

Smart Lock not recognizing trusted places
Many users have started facing problem while working with the smart lock at trusted places. It is reported that smart lock doesn’t unlock the device automatically on entering a saved location.
Quick Solution: The problem might be caused due to device’s inability to pin-point the exact location. It could be fixed by turning an app, like Google Maps that utilizes GPS service.
Potential Solution: Turn ON the ‘High Accuracy’ mode and check your location on the map. If it doesn’t point to your actual location, report the issue to Google through the link ‘Report a Problem’.
Until the solution arrives, you can add the location as a new trusted place or edit an existing one.

Slow Charging
Several users have reported a rise in the charging time, after updating their device’s OS to Android Lollipop. However, this issue might be caused due to the use of USB charging with a laptop or a computer.
Solutions: If you are facing this problem due to USB charging, try using the original cable and wall charger, provided by the manufacturer, to check if the problem is solved. Also, try using a different power outlet, cable and/or charger and avoid using the device while charging.
Another trick that can help in this matter is to clear the cache partition. However, if any of the above doesn’t help, this could be the problem of rapid battery drain.

Rapid Battery Drain
Another issue with Android 5.0 users observed commonly is the rapid drainage of the battery after the update. A bug was found in the initial release that caused Wi-Fi to consume extra juice, but Google has reported to provide a fixture with the 5.0.1 update.
Solution: If you are still facing the issue even after updating, there might be an app or two that could be using excessive battery charge. You can navigate to Settings–> Battery to find the culprit and either look for a specific performance improvement update for the app or uninstall it, if you don’t use it. Alternatively, you can also update all your apps to enhance overall battery usage statistics. If this doesn’t help, you can do factory reset from Settings–> Backup & Reset–> Factory Data Reset and then selectively install apps that you are going to use.

Unable to Play Videos
Another common bug reported by users with the 5.0 update is regarding a problem with the video playback. It has been reported that users have experienced the playback failure for videos from several services, like YouTube as well as for streaming videos from different sources.
Quick Solution: A common solution found states that the videos started working again after a reboot, while wiping the cache partition for the app that caused problem also helped. If you are facing the issue with multiple apps, you can clear the whole cache partition through the recovery mode.
Potential Solution: While these steps could result in a temporary resolution, you can resolve the issue permanentaly through the developer options, unlocked by tapping ‘Build Number‘ 7 times, found in Settings–> About Phone. Now, go to Settings–> Developer Options and disable the ‘Use NuPlayer’ option under ‘Media’ and then restart the device.

Call Audio Problem
Few users have reported a problem that they are not able to hear the caller’s voice or their voice is not audible to the person being called. This problem could be solved temporarily by restarting the device or switching to a Bluetooth headset, where turning on to the Bluetooth headset and back could also help fix the issue.
Solution: Turn the device OFF, remove the SIM, re-insert it and then turn ON the phone. After this, move to Settings–> More–> Mobile Networks–> Access Point Names, tap on the 3 vertical dots, found on the top-right corner and then, select ‘Reset to default’.

Bluetooth not working
Several reports have brought another glitch to light that Bluetooth stopped working after updating to Android 5.0. Troubles have been found with device pairing, connection establishment and with other functions as well. You might not be pairing correctly or there might be no space left to add profile for a new accessory/device to be connected. Try removing older profiles and pairing again.
Solutions: If pairing again doesn’t help, unpair the device from Settings–> Bluetooth and try again after restarting the phone. Still unsuccessful, navigate to Settings–> Apps–> All–> Bluetooth Share and then choose options ‘Clear cache‘ and ‘Clear data‘. Now, reboot the phone and then try to connect again.
If the issue still persists, there might be a problem with the Bluetooth device, for which you should contact the manufacturer or wait for another OS update.

Lock Screen Notifications Missing
The removal of lock screen widgets has caused users experience the missing widgets and notifications issue. However, you can still turn ON small notifications on your Android device.
Solution: Navigate to Settings–> Sound & Notification–> When device is locked and choose the  option ‘Hide Sensitive Notification content‘ or ‘Show all Notification Content‘. This should help you get the missing notifications back or you would be required to restart the phone for the changes to take effect.

These are some of the common issues faced by users after updating to the Android 5.0 Lollipop version. However, it is expected that Google will work on such issues and release another update for a better user experience.