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Essential and Simple Tips to Take Care of a Computer or Laptop

Computers and laptops have become a common thing in today’s digital life, utilized for many different purposes, including both personal and professional ones. Similar to humans, they also need care over time, so that they keep on working without creating any problem for the user.

Since computer systems are likely to slow down over time, due to one or the other reason, so a few tips discussed below can help you tackle such issues.

  • When leaving the computer system for the day, be sure to shut it down properly and avoid hibernating or putting it to sleep. This ensures that all your data is saved correctly and allows processing chips to cool down and get prepared for next use.
  • Before moving your laptop, always hibernate, suspend or shut down the system. This helps prevent any potential loss top your data with the spin down of the hard drive.
  • It is recommended to use a carrying case when a laptop is moved as the hard drive can be damaged by even a short fall, resulting in data loss.
  • Avoid ammonia, alcohol or Windex to clean LCD screens, where soft clothes or microfiber are considered the best options for this purpose.
  • As computers are known to operate best in the temperature range as humans do. So, avoid exposing the system to extreme cold or heat.
  • Prevent the system from getting wet and if it gets wet accidentally, never turn it on in such a condition. Rather, unplug the main power source and contact the a repair service immediately.
  • Avoid using magnets or equipment that can cause a magnetic field, as a prolonged exposure can cause the loss of data.
  • Avoid pushing anything into the air vents and try to keep them clean and open, in order to prevent device over-heating.
  • Never leave your laptop unattended as being a costly investment, it is a prime theft target. Also, avoid checking-in your laptop with luggage and carry it with you, when traveling.
  • With CD/DVD writers and USB ports available across all the computers, keep your data backed up on an external drive to tackle any data loss situation.

    These are a few important tips that can help you keep your computer or laptop safe and working right for a long period.