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Fix Some of the Most Annoying Features of Apple iOS 8

The latest OS, for smartphones and tablets, from Apple, iOS 8 was readily accepted by users due to a host of new features. The new OS was made available by the manufacturer with the launch of new iPhone models, 6 and 6 plus, while an update was also rolled out for users with previous models. Although, it opened way for numerous features like Swipe-to-respond notifications, Family sharing and others, yet some of these were annoying to be used regularly. Fortunately, most of such annoyances are made available as default settings and can be modified for a better user experience.
Some of the common complaints among iPhone users with iOS 8 are discussed below, along with their solutions.

Turn Handoffs OFF
This feature allows you to get phone calls on all your Apple devices, including MacBook, iPad or iPod, registered with the same Apple ID as your iPhone. This can be annoying when multiple devices start ringing and irritate the user.
This feature can be turned OFF from Settings–> FaceTime–> iPhone Cellular Calls, for each connected device.

Hide Recent Contacts
With a double tap on the Home button, a row of friends & family images appears on the top, offering an easy access to favorite contacts. This feature is meant to make reaching recent contacts easier, but might be annoying for those who doesn’t want anyone to snoop on it.
You can hide this row of contacts from Settings–> Mail, Contacts, Calendars–> App Switcher (under contacts)–> Show and turn toggles to OFF.

Photos Don’t Get Permanently Deleted
With the inclusion of ‘Recently Deleted Folder’ in iOS 8, every image deleted from the actual gallery get stored in this folder, before getting permanently deleted, for 30 days. This is a nice feature to prevent any accidental deletion, but if you wish to get rid of any image immediately, you need to delete the file twice, first time from the original location and then from the recently deleted folder.

Stop Messages from Being Destructed Automatically
In iMessage, any audio or video message sent is set to be deleted by default after a short interval of time. However, you might want to keep some of those media files for long before deleting them, which seems impossible with the available feature.
But, you can change the setting from Settings–> Messages–> Settings–> Keep Messages. From here, you can change the expiration time for audio and video messages to ‘Never’, if you wish to keep those forever.

Turn Predictive Text OFF
The new feature, Predictive Text, is quite helpful if you are using exact grammar in your messages. But, if you are used to slang text language, this feature might annoy you by changing the words typed to some predicted grammatical words, saved in the device’s dictionary.
To turn this OFF, go to Settings–> App–> General–> Keyboard and then change the value for Predictive to OFF.

Hence, you can get rid of these annoying features by following the workarounds provided along with each and enhance your experience of using the latest iOS from Apple.