Guide to Backup Data on an Apple Mobile Device

Apple releases a new version to its iPhone every year and enthusiasts are willing to get their hands on the new device as soon as they can. With the availability of a huge storage with these iDevices, people are used to store their important data like images, videos, documents and others. However, any damage to the device or its software can lead to the loss of data, so taking a regular backup is suggested.
iPhone users have 2 options to backup their data, iCloud and iTunes, the steps for which is explained below

Backing Up Using iCloud
For this option, you need to be connected to an active high speed internet connection, preferably a Wi-Fi. Verify that you are connected before proceeding with the steps.

  • Go to Settings–> iCloud.
  • If you are a new iCloud user, you should login with your Apple ID & Password.
  • After logging in, accept all the terms & conditions and permit your device to merge with iCloud.
  • Also, turn on ‘Location Services’, found under Settings–> Privacy.
  • Slide the options for items, which you want to back up, to ON.
  • Now, scroll down to locate the option ‘Storage & Backup’ and select it.
  • Ensure that the option ‘iCloud Backup’ is turned ON.
  • Select ‘Manage Storage’ and then your device’s name, which could be ‘This Phone’.
  • Under the ‘Backup Options’, turn the slider for ‘Camera Roll’ to ON. You can also activate backup for any app that you would like to save the data of.
  • Navigate back to the ‘Storage & Backup’ screen, by pressing the back button on the top left.
  • Move down and tap the button ‘Back Up Now’ to start backing up your data.

Backing Up Using iTunes
Using iTunes, you can backup your phone’s data onto your computer’s or laptop’s hard drive. This option is preferred if you have a huge number of images to be backed up as iCloud offers a limited storage for images.

    • Unlock the device and connect it to your PC through iTunes.
    • If you have set the iTunes to automatically sync, wait for the completion of synchronization process.
    • To backup the content that you have purchased through App Store or iTunes, navigate to File–> Devices–> Transfer Purchases under the menu of iTunes.
    • For backing up all the files on the phone, go to File–> Devices–> Back Up and wait for the process to complete.
    • Navigate to iTunes–> Preferences–> Devices and check the backup date under your device’s name, to check whether the process is complete or not.

    Tips before backing up:

    • Ensure that you are using the latest version of iTunes, which you can check from Help–> Check for updates.
    • Under Photo stream, all the images are not backup up automatically. You need to enable the Camera Roll backup separately.
    • Since the iTunes uses a different file format to backup all the photos, they need to be imported to the computer, if you wish to browse them on your system.
      • Thus, you can easily backup your Apple device data through any of the above discussed options and prevent any hassle of data loss.