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How to protect against spyware?

If your computer is infected with any spyware/malware you would probably will never know it. In simple words, if a program on your computer is tracking, recording and sending back information to a third party without your information then you have a Spyware on your system.

When spyware or malware is on your PC it will almost certainly cause your internet connection to dramatically slow down and you will get an excessive amount of annoying pop-up windows. Left untreated, spyware and malware could begin to crash your computer and even lead to identity theft.

Proactive anti-spyware protection is essential in keeping your data private. Programs such as Webroot Spy Sweeper and eTrust Pest Patrol are offered for a small yearly subscription fee and they will help prevent, scan for and remove the bulk of unruly spyware and malware from your computer. Once installed, ensure that your software program automatically downloads updates on a weekly basis and set to perform a full system scan every month.

  • Be cautious of suspicious emails from unknown sources, as they can infect your computer with spyware
  • Steer clear of websites of ill repute — these are a haven for malicious and annoying intruders

Information travels between computers and networks through various data ports. In addition to other security measures, firewalls implement a “stateful inspection” of these data ports, preventing data from coming into your computer or network. In essence, firewalls hide your PC from others trying to get in through the Internet. Various software companies offer firewall protection, but hardware-based firewalls, like those frequently built into network routers provide a better level of security.