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iPad as Phone

Ipad, the tablet from Apple has been used vastly by users across the world for its several features, but due to the lack of a SIM card support, it can’t be used as a phone. However, you might be amazed to know that you can also use your iPad or iPad Mini as a mobile phone and place calls through it. With the catalogue of App Store growing everyday, numerous apps have been designed for the tablet from Apple that allow you to place calls over the internet, known as VoIP. A few common methods of how you can convert your iPad or iPad Mini into a phone for placing calls are discussed below:

Every iOS device is now provided with a pre-loaded video conferencing app, Facetime, which offers the easiest method to place a call. With this tool, users can connect to other iOS users through their Apple ID. Although these calls are free of cost and charge only for the internet data used, yet they can be used to talk to the user base with an access to an Apple ID only. Thus, with this method, you can’t call users who don’t have an iPhone, iPad, iPod or a Mac computer.

Unlike Facetime, Skype is a popularly used app for over-the-internet audio/video calls. Through Skype, iPad users can connect to other Skype users for free, easing the restriction of placing calls to iOS or Mac users only. For free calls, both the users need to have an account on Skype and the software installed on their device. However, users can also call non-Skype users by paying a nominal charge.

Google Voice & Talkatone
Although Skype and Facetime add the calling feature to the iPad greatly, allowing video calling feature as well, yet none of them offers an option for free calls to users having no access to their services. The conjunction of Talkatone and Google Voice helps users place free calls in the US. Google Voice provides users with a single number for users to place calls from any of their mobile devices, but the calls can be placed over the voice line only. However, Talkatone adds an extension to this service and allows users to call through the data line. All you need to do is to get both the apps and follow instructions to set up the Google Voice account with that of Talkatone, which offers an additional feature of interaction with Facebook friends.

Hence, using any of the above methods, you can convert your iPad into a calling device and connect with others through audio or video calls.