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iPhone 6 Problems & Solutions

With the introduction of iPhone 6 and 6 plus, Apple added big display devices to its catalogue. Although these devices sold at a great pace, yet users reported several problems or issues with their phones. The most common issue reported by users, days after its launch, was the bent issue that was readily resolved by Apple with the replacement of handsets, detected to be replaceable due to manufacturer defect. However, there are several other problems that caused a sense of disappointment to the users. A few common issues experienced by users with iPhone 6 and 6 plus are discussed below, along with some possible solutions.

Error: No Sim Card
A few iPhone  users have faced an issue, wherein they get errors related to the SIM Card functioning, with the phone saying ‘No SIM Card installed’ or ‘Invalid SIM Card’.
Solution: Try to get the issue resolved by turning the Airplane mode ON/OFF and if it doesn’t help, restart your device. There might be a problem with the SIM card, like it can be dirty or damaged. Take out the card and try to clean it with an eraser, remove the debris and reinsert to check. You can also try using the SIM card in any other device or another SIM card in your iPhone to know whether the problem is with the card or the device and hence, contact the Apple service center or carrier.

Touch ID not working
With the release of iOS 8.0.1, which was aimed to address several problems, a major bug was introduced accidentally, leading Touch ID and Service features in the devices to stop working. Soon after reports surfaced, Apple provided a resolution to help users access those services on their phones, without any problem.
Solution: In order to address this issue, Apple released a patch in the iOS 8.0.2 version and asked its users to rollback from the 8.0.1 version and upgrade. In order to upgrade the OS, you should navigate to Settings–> General–> Software Update and then select the desired version, tap on the Download button and install. Alternatively, you can also use iTunes for the purpose, if you wish to upgrade your phone’s OS through a PC.

Bluetooth not working
Several users reported a problem connecting their iPhone 6 through Bluetooth, especially with their cars, while others faced problems with in-car call system, after connecting successfully. Also, the problem isn’t restricted to a particular manufacturer as the same has been reported for several models of different brands.
Solution: To start with, you should reset the network settings of the car and phone’s Bluetooth, clearing all the pairings. For this, go to Settings–> General–> Reset–> Reset Network Settings and hold down Home and Sleep/Wake buttons together until the Apple logo appears. Now try to connect your iPhone from scratch and if the problem persists, you can try factory reset.

Unresponsive Touchscreen Problem
Another complaint about the new iPhone 6 came in relation to the responsiveness of the touch screen, which has been reported to go unresponsive randomly. The issue was figured out to be caused by memory alloction problems due to software incompatibility.
Solution: You can try to get rid of the glitch with a restart, by pressing and holding Home and Sleep/Wake buttons together, until the Apple logo appears. This allocates fresh memory to all the applications, allowing touchscreen to work perfectly and if this doesn’t help, go to Settings–> General–> Reset–> Reset all settings and then do factory reset, if the issue persists  with general reset.

Camera Issues
Users have experienced several issues with the camera of iPhone 6, including black screen on start, pictures clicked with added glitches, colors or with rotated orientation and others. This problem has been linked to software problem, causing existing applications to take control of the camera app.
Solution: Generally, an app or software reset is likely to solve the problem or uninstalling and reinstalling camera apps (if any extra installed) can help with the issue. Sometimes, data restore can also lead to such an issue due to less or no memory left for the camera app. In such a case, keeping the device upgraded or doing the factory reset should make the camera app work fine.

These are few of the common issues faced by users after buying a new iPhone 6, while you can also find more problems and resolutions for the same over the internet.