Make the Most of Your iOS 8 based iPhone with These Simple Tips

With the release of iOS 8, Apple has introduced numerous features to its iPhone users that most of them are not aware of. This huge list can be used extensively by the consumers to enhance their experience and make using iPhone a great fun.
A few tips have been discussed below to help you and other iPhone users learn about such features and make the most of their smart phone.

1 Save Kaomojis: Kaomojis are a common thing among iPhone users, which they type in to share within chats. However, you can create a shortcut for your favorite kaomoji and use it with a simple tap or two. In order to create the shortcut, go to ‘Settings–> General–> Shortcuts’. Herein, tap the ‘+’ sign and paste the kaomoji by phrase.

2 Never miss a Snoozed Alarm: Almost everyone uses the alarm feature in smart phones and snooze is the most used feature with alarms. But, do you know that you might accidentally turn your alarm off, instead of snoozing it by pressing the volume buttons of your iPhone, if you have recently upgraded to iOS 8. You can fix this issue by navigating to ‘Settings–> General–> Reset–> Reset all Settings’.

3 Single-finger Map Zoom: Zooming in and out of maps is commonly done with 2 fingers, but you might be amazed to know that you can do this with a single finger in your iPhone. For this, double-tap the map screen to zoom and hold the 2nd tap, wherein moving your finger up & down will do the purpose.

4 Who is the Owner?: Siri has a relatively unknown feature that you can use, if you found a lost iPhone and wish to return it to the real owner. Simply ask Siri ‘Whose phone is this?’ and it’ll provide you the contact info, if already set up by the owner.

5 No more unknown Emojis: When you encounter an emoji, but don’t know what to call it, you can take Siri’s help to know its name. Go to ‘Settings–> General–> Accessibility–> Speech’ and herein turn ‘Speak Selection’ on. Now, open the notes app and type an emoji, followed by highlighting it and then select the ‘speak’ option. Siri will tell you the name of the selected emoji.

6 Sleep-friendly night reading: Consumers have developed a common habit of staring at bright mobile displays before going to bed, which is detrimental to sleep. iPhone comes with a feature that will prevent this effect, allowing you to use your phone at night. Open ‘Settings’, move to ‘General–> Accessibility and then to Vision, under which, you can turn ‘Invert Colors’ on.

7 Manual Exposure change: While capturing an image through your iPhone’s camera, are you finding the scene too dark or too bright? You can manually change the exposure, for which, you should tap on the display to focus and then, slide up/down with your finger to alter the exposure value and click the image.

8 Record Super-smooth Videos: Did you know, your iPhone comes with a setting, which allows you to record videos as smooth as a baby’s butt? For iPhone 6/6+ owners, navigate to ‘Settings’, tap on ‘Photos & Camera’ and then select ‘Record Video at 60 FPS’. You are all set to add a cinema-like effect to your videos with inbuilt image stabilization.

9 Turn location tracking off: Deep within the settings of your iPhone, a location tracking feature is provided that keeps a record of your most frequent locations. It is in ON state by default and is used to offer personalized services to the users, but can be turned OFF, if you don’t like to be tracked. For this, go to ‘Settings’, tap on ‘Privacy–> Location Services’, then scroll below to ‘System Services’ and tap on ‘Frequent Locations’. Slide the setting to ‘Off’ to stop being tracked.

10 Teach Siri: Many a times, due to speaking accent variations, Siri might not understand commands properly and doesn’t perform the desired task. For instance, you might ask Siri to dial a friend’s number and it would dial someone else. In such a case, when you get an incorrect pronunciation response, say ‘That’s not how you say that’ and guide Siri how to pronounce correctly. Additionally, you can also teach Siri about you by moving to ‘Settings–> General–> Siri–> My Info’ and then point out to your contact information.