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Procedure to Backup Windows Mobile Data on Cloud or SkyDrive

In a Windows phone, images are automatically saved to SD card, if the phone supports and is equipped with one. So, your photos are automatically backed up to an SD card, which you can remove and save separate. However, for other options and to backup other content, you can follow the steps as discussed below.

Backup Using Cloud

You can backup your data on a cloud storage from your Windows phone and get it restored, even to a new device, with the following steps.

  • Swipe left on the Home Screen to get the apps list.
  • Navigate to Settings–> email+accounts.
  • Here, select the account that you want to use for cloud backup. However, if no account is listed, you can tap on ‘add an account’ and follow instructions to get one.
  • Now, locate and tap ‘Content to Sync’ and then choose the data that you want to sync with cloud.
  • ‘Contacts’ option might be available with a, outlook,com or account. Check this option before proceeding, if you are willing to backup your contacts as well.
  • After selecting options, tap on ‘Done’ at the bottom and then repeat the same process, in case you are going to backup your data to multiple accounts.

Check Backup Settings (For Windows 8 users only):

If you got Windows 8 loaded on your mobile device, you can check backup settings on the same with the following steps:

  • Swipe left on the main screen for the apps list.
  • Navigate to Settings–> Backup.
  • Check the status and options for each of ‘app list + settings’, ‘text messages’ and ‘photos + videos’.

Backup Using SkyDrive:

You can upload your images to the SkyDrive as a backup. To upload your photos and videos on SkyDrive, you can follow the below steps:

  • Swipe left to bring the list of apps.
  • Navigate to Pictures or Photos–> Camera Roll.
  • Tap on the more option (3 dots) on the lower right and turn the option ‘auto upload’ to ON for automatic sync of all the photos.
  • Alternatively, you can individually select images and upload them on the drive. Open the image, select the more (3 dots) option, tap on ‘Share’ and then ‘Upload to SkyDrive’ or ‘Upload to OneDrive’.
  • Enter the caption for the image and then repeat the same process for other important photos.To verify that the backup is complete, you can log in to your Microsoft account on a web browser. Thus, you can easily backup your Windows mobile data over cloud storage or SkyDrive.