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Touch shortcuts for windows 8

The computer world has evolved from DOS mode to Touch mode. With Windows 8 Touch PCs coming in the market it is a whole new world for the tech lovers.
Here are some cool features and Touch shortcuts for increasing the fun of working on Touch PC with Windows.

Touch shortcuts:

  • Opening Apps – From the Start Screen, tap the app tile
  • Options for Apps – Press and hold the item on the screen, similar to right clicking
  • Pan across the screen – Simply slide your finger to drag the screen to pan it
  • Slide and Select – A short downward slide allows you to select an item
  • Zooming in and out – Pinch together, or stretch your fingers apart to zoom in and out on items
  • App Commands Menu – Swipe from the bottom or top edge of the screen to display the app commands menu
  • Charms bar and system settings – Swipe from the right edge of the screen to display the charms bar, where system and application settings can be accessed
  • Previously used Apps – Swipe from the left to see previous opened apps
  • Closing an App – To close an application swipe from the top area of the screen to the bottom edge