Valuable Tips to Improve User Experience with the New iOS 8.3

Apple has recently released a new update to the 8th version of its operating system, providing users with a list of new features and tweaks. Although the iOS 8.3 came with a few disappointments for users, yet the new features are worth taking a look at. However, a few tips that can help you enhance your experience with the new OS are discussed below:

  • Free Wi-Fi Calls: With iOS 8.3 update, a support for free Wi-Fi calls has been added to the device. This feature is helpful when you are in an area with weak signals, where you can switch your calls from the voice network to the wireless network, allowing you to save minutes as well. To enable this, navigate to Settings–> Phone–> Wi-Fi Calls and turn on ‘Allow Wi-Fi Calls’. Currently, the feature is supported by EE in UK and Sprint in the USA, but more networks could join soon.
  • The Spock Emoji: iOS 8.3 has been loaded with an Easter Egg: A Valucan Salute emoji. To use it, you need to copy the emoji, can be copied from this Cult of Mac’s tweet. Move to Settings–> General–> Keyboard–> Shortcuts–> + and then paste the emoji, add a shortcut, save and then use.
  • Bypass Password Request for free Apps: Earlier, it seemed to be a problem entering password every time, even while downloading a free app from the store. But now, you can toggle the settings, if you don’t want to password-protect download of free apps to your iOS device. Go to Settings–> iTunes & App Store–> Password Settings and toggle the option for ‘Require Password‘ under Free Downloads to OFF.
  • Filter/Report Messages in iMessage conversations: The new feature allows you to reject messages from unknown senders, for which you should move on to Settings–> Messages–> Filter Unknown Senders and toggle the option to ON. Even if you receive a message from an unknown sender, select the thread and report it to Apple as junk from the ‘Report Junk’ button available below.
  • Reply from lock screen: After the latest update, you can easily respond to new messages without the need to unlock your phone. Left swipe the notification and tap on the ‘Reply’ option to respond to the message directly. Tap ‘cancel’ to dismiss.
  • Hands-free Siri: Siri can now be used without actually tapping the device. You can enable this from Settings–> General–> Siri and then select the option ‘Hey Siri’. Now speak ‘Hey Siri’ to use it in the hands-free mode.
  • Override Time Zone: While visiting to a place located in a different time zone, you can easily view time and date of events in a particular time zone, as selected. Navigate to Settings–> Mail, Contacts, Calendar–> Time Zone Override to enable this feature.
  • Recover Photos Deleted Accidentally: Did you delete a favorite image by mistake? Don’t worry, as you can get that photo back, if you have updated to the latest iOS 8.3. Go to Album and open “Recently deleted album”, then tap on the image to get the Recover option.

Get your hands on these tips and share these with others to let users enjoy using their phone with the latest OS version.